Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Finally finished my side project...


After careful thought and consideration for creating a course for new genealogist.  I have have finally published a beginners course on Udemy.com.  Thought the video presentations and quizzes we go from starting out your genealogy search.  The course is 21 lectures covering 2 hours of content topic covered include:

  • Starting with you and moving back
  • Going from notebook to computer
  • Different types of charts
  • Holiday Stories
  • Family member interviews
  • Writing letters (both snail mail and e-mail)
  • Cemetery hopping
  • Battlefields
  • The archives
  •  Internet research
  •  Make sure you have the right person
  •  Backing up with documents
  • Genealogy apps and websites
  • Hidden Gems
  • Collaborating and linking
  • Getting the story
  • What’s important to you
  • Getting others interested

Using this course or purchasing it for someone you know could provide valuable insight for getting more from your genealogy search.  For the month of May blog readers can purchase this course for only $9  (over 70% off the listed price) by clicking the following link:


 Now that I have completed creation of this course, I hope to have more time to update this blog more frequently with unique perspectives and ideas about going Beyond the Date. 

Look for topics in the coming months about documenting hobbies, preserving non-newspaper obituaries and giving cemetery tours to interested relatives.  

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